Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Barf on the Bus, Mouse Ears and Other Randoms

I'm not at home today (it's my week at work) but apparently the stomach flu has hit our house for the third time in two weeks! Poor Miss Sassypants tossed her cookies on the bus this morning. That's not fun for anyone! I feel bad for her friend that sits with her, the bus driver, the other kids and of course for her. Nothing more humiliating then bringing up breakfast in front of your pals.

Apparently the dog threw up too. So nobody is safe! Ha.... She's been looking a little sheepish (for a dog) the last few days so I have a feeling a visit to the vet is in order. As I mentioned in a previous post, our pup has a short vejayjay which causes her to have bladder infections. Yay! The only issue I have is that, unlike us humans in Canada, our dog doesn't get medical coverage. So you know that vet visit will cost you something for sure. Plus the cost of dog antibiotics. Boo....

On the weight loss front, I've had three people comment this week that I look thinner. That's always the best kind of weight loss victory! On top of the way I look, I feel so good having returned to my daily exercise routine. I have so much more energy, my anxiety is under control and I feel so much happier!

And where do happy people love to go..... (Horrible segway) Disney World! Yes friends, the Batkis clan will be piling into the old SUV for a three day drive to Disney World where we will spend 5 glorious days sucking up all the happy that Disney has to offer. I am so excited!!!! I won't say exactly when we are going, (I don't want to invite people to rob me when we're away) but it will be before summer. This trip is also going to get my butt into high gear when it comes to losing weight. I want to look extra cute when I'm lounging by the pool in Florida. Not to mention, I'll need the energy to zigzag all over the place with the kiddos.

Here's hoping we are all illness-free by the time we get to the happiest place on earth! But I suppose if you're going to throw up, a Mickey Mouse themed bathroom isn't so bad.

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