Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Entertaining the Troops

It's spring break in our neck of the woods which means I have the two kids all day and every day this week. I love having my girly home because I do miss her when she isn't around. Since she was little, I've always told her she is my best friend. I truly feel that way! I love going out and doing things with her from shopping to pedicures to lunch dates. We have a blast together! I'm so lucky to have a daughter and a son. I really do have the "million dollar family" as so many people tell me.

In order to keep her stimulated this week, I'm trying to line up activities that will keep her busy and that are baby friendly too. On today's agenda, the original plan was to have a picnic with my friend Joce and her kids K and E. K has been one of Miss Sassypants' best friends since she was about 2 years old and they are always so excited to see each other.

Turns out that today's weather was probably the worse it's been in weeks! It was cold and rainy, and as the day progressed the rain turned to sleet than snow. NOT picnic weather. So we had to figure out plan B. We decided to have lunch at our house then head over to a public pool for the afternoon.

We got to the pool at 11:15am and it was already packed. I guess going to the pool is everyone's rainy day activity during spring break. Despite the crowd, we all got in our suits and headed into the pool.

This was Mr. Crankypants' first time in a pool so I was a little worried he wouldn't like it much. As we entered the water (which they keep warm in the kids pool), he gasped and grimaced and I thought "that's it, he's going to hate this." But I did what any mom would do and smiled, trying to convince him that it was the funnest place ever. And after those first few grimaces, he was fine. He never complained the entire 2 hours we were there! He loved the water. He kept squealing with joy and puffing out his chest like a little peacock. He seemed so pleased with himself.

Despite the little guy's ease in the water, I'm not gonna lie, it was chaos in there. At one point I turned to Joce and said: "You know what this reminds me of? The scene from Titanic when the people are in the water drowning and it's just splashing and screaming everywhere." She agreed. It was a lot to take in. I'm so glad the baby enjoyed it and didn't freak out. Miss Sassypants is a guppy so she was in her element being at the pool again. I'm so glad my kids love the water. They come by it naturally. I've always loved the water too. I'm an Aquarius after all.

After a busy day of swimming, we were all pretty tired. After dinner, baby girl and I played a game of Skip Bo or Spite and Malice as some people know it. My mom and I taught her how to play this weekend and she's actually really good at it. The game says ages 7 and up but she's totally getting it. I'm glad because it's a really great way to sharpen her math skills.

After our game, we were watching Dancing with the Stars and she told me that when she grows up, she wants to move to California to be a dancer on the show. She said she wants me to go to each performance unless her husband is working than I have to watch her kids. Oh my gosh.... Where does she get this stuff from? I tried not to smile or laugh as she was getting deeper into the conversation because I knew if I laughed she would stop telling her story. I just nodded and tried to keep my cool just so I could hear the whole tale. She's so funny that kid! Yesterday she told me, "you're the first and best mom I ever had."

Miss Sassypants, you're the first and best daughter I ever had too. True and true.


  1. Aw so sweet!!

    Glad she loved Skip-Bo so much. :)

  2. Thanks for letting us borrow it! I've since opened our trailer and got our out. :)