Tuesday, 13 March 2012

spring = shiny, happy, nosy people

Yup, spring is in the air! And mud is on boots, mitts, ski pants and floors. Blech! I only like mud when it's in a spa, in a mask, on my face. Otherwise, I could do without it. I actually got a shoer yesterday. If you don' t know what a shoer is, you're not Canadian. LOL....So for my international readers (if I have any), it's when water gets over the top of your shoe and enters it. Like from a puddle or any other wet substances..... That could be gross.

I was walking over what I thought was a hard section of snow, but to my surprise, it was not hard packed snow. It was soft and it was deep! My foot sank a good foot until I was knee-deep in snow. Then all of a sudden, I felt cold, icy water enter my shoe. Crap! So I pushed down on my other foot to step out of it, and my other foot sank. Noooooooo!!! It too filled with freezing cold water. Boo! Might I mention I was also wearing the baby in his cuddly wrap at the time. So the prospect of falling face first into the snowbank was not a good one for me or my son. But it's okay. We got out fine and I proceeded home with two frigid, squishy feet while my husband stayed at the park with my daughter.

Besides melting snow and muddy carpets, Spring also brings people out. Spring is when we all crawl out of our winter dens and start mingling with humankind again. And there were lots of people mingling at the mall today. I got to meet a few of them.

The first incident was at A Child's Place where I purchased a few cute items for a baby gift. I was wearing Baby B in his cuddly wrap because he gets agitated when he's in his car seat for too long. While I was standing in line to pay for my purchases, this older lady, probably about 75 years old, came up to me and said: "well that's quite the contraption." She was referring to the baby sling. "Well, he likes it," I replied. She snickered and went on her way. I sensed she didn't like my baby sling. Hmph.....

After that purchase, I decided Mr. Cranky Pants had had enough and it was time to go. As I was putting him into his car seat at Chapters, he starting crying. He does this every time I put him into his car seat. He usually settles down pretty quickly, but initially he is ticked right off. So while I'm trying to sing his favourite song (always gets him to stop crying) and strap him in, some middle-aged lady comes over and starts stroking his face and shushing him. "Oh, he's so upset," she says. I smile because I'm nice that way and say, "yeah, he doesn't like his car seat." She keeps stroking and shushing. As time elapses, it's getting more awkward. I want to say, "please go away. You're not helping him but rather only prolonging the madness." But instead I keep smiling until she leaves. After she "helps me", I get him strapped in and leave.

I know babies make you vulnerable to crazy people ambushes.For the most part, people mean well and they are mostly just excited to see your baby. Mine IS pretty cute. See?

But sometimes, I just want to get my shopping done. I just want to deal with my kids' outrages in private without advice, dirty looks or contact with other humans. It's not so much to ask, is it? 

Okay, I should be honest though. I'm pretty sure once my kids are grown up and on their own, I'll be the crazy lady chasing down all the babies at the mall, giving their moms advice about baby carriers and shushing and stroking their cute little faces. That is the circle of life. (Insert Elton John's Lion King soundtrack here.) And who am I to break the circle?


  1. Melissa Skrabek-Senecal13 March 2012 at 21:29

    I had to explain to maddy what a "booter" was today. Needless to say she came home with wet and dirty socks

  2. Z walked off the bus and had no socks or boots on. She fell in a puddle before getting on the bus and decided barefoot was better. Oye!