Monday, 19 March 2012

Isn't Every Day Like Saturday?

On Saturday morning, I came downstairs and declared "Gosh I love glorious Saturdays!" To which my husband responded, "isn't every day like Saturday to you?" Huh? Are you serious right now? I then told him like it was.

Now yes, it's true I'm currently a SAHM which means I can technically stay in my pjs all day if I really want to (which I never do). And yes, I don't have to be up at 6am to get ready for work and get the kids ready for daycare like I used to. But getting this house going on a weekday morning is so NOT like Saturday morning. Why??

A. I'm outnumbered on weekdays. My husband leaves before we get up so I have to get Miss Sassypants ready for school while keeping Mr. Crankypants from screaming his little head off. Two against one, not good. Even I can do that math.

B. See, my darling daughter has S.O.S, shiny object syndrome, which means she is easily distracted. For example, she starts to get dressed but then she'll find a piece of pink belly button lint, get distracted and it's back to square one again. I must repeat the following lines at least 8 times every morning. "Eat your breakfast! Get dressed! Brush your teeth! Stop playing with your brother! Don't sit on the cat! Focus!" I'm thinking of recording it and just pressing the appropriate button when needed.

C. Mr. Crankypants. He's a category all on his own. My baby, unless I'm carrying him around or nursing him, cries all day. I wish he had S.O.S. so he'd be interested in something else other than me and my food bar. If I'm not carrying him around during the morning routine, he screams at the top of his lungs. I'm sure my nieghbours can hear. I'm sure the polar bears in the Arctic can hear. He's no dainty screamer my baby. Sometimes my ears bleed.

D. Unlike Saturdays, when my husband can help me, I have to find ways to entertain Mr. Crankypants while I do common every day things like shower, do my hair/makeup (yes, I do my makeup every day), make myself something to eat. You get the picture. My house is like the baby Olympics. I have to set up the baby at different events just so I can keep him distracted while I try to do things. The Jolly Jumper is for when I'm showering. The exersaucer is for when I'm in the kitchen. The bouncy chair is for when I'm doing laundry. The swing is when I need him to fall asleep. How did people have babies before these gadgets by the way?

My hubby didn't say this in a mean, malicious way. He really thinks that every day is a holiday for me. I'm not sure why he gets that impression, but being at home is harder than any job I've ever had. EVER!

So honey, no. EVERY DAY IS NOT LIKE SATURDAY for us SAHM. It's. Really. Not.


  1. I miss you! thanks for sharing this, i'm super pumped to be able to be in your day to day life a bit now that we're so far away :)

  2. SOS've just diagnosed Emilie! haha

  3. Yes, joce. Miss u too. Shouldn't have moved! Okay I won't say it again. Janelle, anytime u need kid diagnosis, I'm your lady :)