Friday, 23 March 2012

Things Your Mama Didn't Tell Ya!

I'm starting a new series on my blog called "Things Your Mama Didn't Tell Ya!" It's going to highlight things all mothers should know that nobody tells you about.

I'm a little short on time today since I have to take Mr. Crankypants to his 6 months well-baby appointment soon, so I'll keep this one brief (no pun intended, you'll see what I mean in a sec.)

It took nearly 3 weeks for me to figure out why Mr. Crankypants was constantly peeing through his diaper. Were the diapers the wrong size? Was I not tightening them enough? Did he have an unusually strong pee stream? I couldn't figure it out. So I did what any mother in crisis would do. I googled it.

Turns out when the wee-wee is free-free (and not pointing down), the pee shoots up and out of the diaper causing major leakage. So always point the wee-wee due south to avoid pee breach.

Also, the little fringes along the leg holes of disposable diapers need to be out of the diaper. If for some reason they stay tucked in, you'll get some leaking there too. I learned that one years ago but I have to remind my hubby of this all the time as he forgets and then there's pee everywhere. It's not pretty.

Must go shower. Engage Jolly Jumper! (See my last post about that one)


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