Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Brilliant New Christmas Tradition

I wish I could take all the credit for this idea but, alas, it was a snag from a Facebook post I saw a few months ago. I just thought it was brilliant and that I could probably pull it off inexpensively too!

The idea is to do 12 Days of Christmas books. For the twelve nights before Christmas, your children get to open a new book under the tree to read at bedtime. Here's a look at the books I found at our local Thrift Store! Shout out to the Mennonite Central Committee thrift stores. All proceeds are used locally and globally to meet basic human needs and work for peace and justice. They do awesome work! And I get to shop economically and sustainably. Win, win, people.

I made sure to go the morning they were going to bring the Christmas books out because I also knew, they would be gone quickly. I was able to by 12 books for $2.00! Woo!! I was pretty proud of myself. And the Disney book has a bunch of stories. I would like to find one about the nativity to add to the collection so I might still try to find one. But they had ELF! That is one of our ultimate, favourite Christmas movies.

I also bought a big fuzzy Santa blanket for us to cuddle under for $10, and I've bought them new Christmas PJs that they will also get the night of the first book. It's one of those traditions I can see them remembering with great fondness when they get older. At least I hope!

Do you have some Christmas traditions you'd like to share? Some that might be inexpensive but so warm and fuzzy, you just can't stand it? Tell us about it!

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